3 months ago

 Video crash

I've had this problem since I first used this app. However since this last update the problem has become far more terrible. In the past every time I'd watch a video on this app it would crash and change to a different (I don't know what to call it but I'll go with alternate video stream) alternate video stream. The nice part about that was hat it no longer crashed after that. Or at least till you loaded the next video. But here's the problem! Side the lastest update you fixed the problem where the video crashed and then went to the alternate video stream. This is a problem because although you fixed that you didn't fix the issue with the crash itself. So now instead of dealing with one crash and then being able to watch my video. I have a near endless set of crashes that occur about every 5min 30secdonds. Which is where I get a magic number of 11. The video I was watching was a few seconds longer then 18min. It took about 25 min to watch because the video would crash and restart. It did this 11 times in an 18 min video. Honestly I suggest you guys either revert to a previous version of the Showbox ( since it ran better and is an easy temporary fix), and find out what made the alternate video stream tic. Since it not only operated better for me (the consumer) but did not crash. (May be a lot easer then fixing what's broken[try using what you have that already works])! Sincerely a concerned consumer

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